Easy Chicken Salad

This is a simple chicken salad that you just can’t go wrong with. It’s not heavy on the mayo and the apple chunks and almond slices give it some nice texture without too much crunch. The secret to this recipe is the fresh dill and the Roland’s Dijon mustard – you can use dried dill and an American Dijon mustard but it just won’t be as good. I like to serve this over a bed of lettuce or spinach.

For this recipe, you will need:


1 lb. chicken (grilled or roasted), cubed
1 small onion, diced
7 celery stalks (from celery hearts), chopped
10 cornichons, chopped
3 pinches of fresh dill
¼ c. sliced almonds
1 small Granny Smith apple, diced
2 ½ T. mayonnaise (Spectrum canola mayo)
4 ½ t. Dijon mustard (Roland’s)
Salt and pepper to taste

I started with leftover roasted chicken and cube up about one pound of it. You can use grilled chicken strips that you made from chicken breasts or buy the ones that are ready to eat at the grocery store.

Next, dice your veggies (onion, celery, cornichons) and apple and place in a large mixing bowl.

Mixing bowl

Add the sliced almonds and chicken.

Grabs three pinches of dill and finely chop; add to the mixture.

A Pinch of dill

I normally add my salt and pepper here (I used about 4 salt grinder cranks and 8 pepper grinder cranks).

Toss the ingredients (I use my hands – I like messy).

Lastly, I add the Dijon mustard and mayo and mix with a spoon.

I like to dress a salad with it – frankly, this is one of my favorite lunches 🙂

Finished Chicken Salad

Get creative with your chicken salad.

Add curry for seasoning and grapes, or add dried cranberries and pecans and fresh rosemary. Or add fresh oregano, olive slices and quartered artichokes. Or, make your own creation and let me know how it turned out.

– Nicole

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