Vegan AND Paleo-friendly Zucchini Bread…Seriously

Quick bread recipes lend themselves well to paleo-friendly baking, i.e. grain-free, gluten free, legume free baking. Now, the baking part implies possibly starches and sugars, not high on the Paleo food list, but this recipe uses minimally processed sugars with low glycemic sugar indexes and only a small amount of potato starch.

This recipe is based on my mom’s zucchini bread recipe. I used to make it in undergraduate as a snack. It was quick and easy to make, high priorities for someone with no time – which is why I still love it today 🙂

This truly is a no guilt recipe. Since I’ve made this, I’ve been eating a slice for breakfast 😉

For this recipe, you will need:

Ingredients - Vegan Paleo Zucchini Bread
1/2 c. potato starch
1/2 c. almond flour
1/2 c. coconut flour
1 1/2 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. nutmeg
1/4 t. ground ginger
pinch of cardamom
1/2 t. baking soda
1/4 t. sea salt
1/2 t. baking powder
4 T. hemp protein (I used HempPro70)
1/2 c. palm sugar
1/3 c. honey or agave nectar (use agave nectar for vegan)
2 c. shredded zucchini (you can easily substitute with summer squash)
1/4 c. grapeseed oil or unsweetened applesauce
1 egg (substitute with 1 1/2 t. EnerG egg replacer mixed with 2 T. water for vegan)
1/2 c. chopped walnuts

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a loaf pan. (I just sprayed mine with coconut oil spray.)

In a medium bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients except the palm sugar.

Dry Ingredients - Vegan Zucchini Bread

Next, in a large bowl, combine the wet ingredients (honey or agave nectar, zucchini, oil or applesauce, egg or egg replacer), the palm sugar, and the walnuts. I used applesauce instead of oil in mine – going for higher fruit/veggie content 😉

Wet ingredients -  Vegan Zucchini Bread 1 It looks kind of like snot when mixed. Trust me, it will taste good – ignore how it looks right now.

Wet Ingredients - Vegan Zucchini Bread 2


Add the dry ingredients to the zucchini mixture, and mix until just blended.

Batter - Vegan Zucchini Bread

Okay, keep ignoring how it looks right now.

Fill your greased loaf pan and place in the oven.

Loaf pan - Vegan Zucchini Bread

You’ll bake the loaf for about 55-60 minutes, or until a knife inserted into the center of the loaf comes out clean.

Here’s an important note about using potato starch in recipes. Potato starch browns, or caramelizes, quickly. So watch your loaf and be prepared to cover with foil about half way through to avoid over-browning.

Allow the loaf to sit for about 10 minutes in the loaf pan before continuing to cool on a wire rack.

Once cooled, slice and serve!

Vegan AND Paleo Zucchini Bread...Seriously

I cut mine into 6 generous slices, each was about 300 calories.

I think it tastes even better after it sits for a day.


– Nicole

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2 Responses to Vegan AND Paleo-friendly Zucchini Bread…Seriously

  1. sydney says:

    Can you sub potato starch for potato flour?

    • abitofsalt says:

      The recipe calls for potato starch so you’re all set 🙂 If you have potato flour and not starch, I’d recommend subbing the 1/2 c. of potato starch with 1/4 c. of potato flour and 1/4 c. of tapioca starch or arrowroot.

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