About Us


We are two dog lovers and home cooks who want to share our unique views on healthy cooking and baking.  We have different strengths that we bring to this blog and we’d like to bring them from our kitchen tables to yours.

A little bit about us…


Nicole is a scientist at the cutting edge of her field.  She specializes in research thatwill help improve the quality of lives of injured veterans all over the world for the Naval Medical Research Center and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. She’s also the proud momma of Lola, a 60 pound bulldog bowling ball of sheer energy and lots of love.

The exacting nature of her work has driven Nicole to approach her favorite hobby of baking with the same razor-like intensity. Her passion for healthy Paleo nutrition has revolutionized her life and she’d like to share her approach to healthier baking  with you.

Rachel is a traveler and perpetual semi-nomad.  Her travels have taken her from Cairo toPiper_cartoon Kabul, Thailand to Jordan and back to DC. She dotes on her baby doggie, Piper.

She spends her free time in the kitchen. Not only is she is a master of all things canned and pickled, but her aptitude for concocting Paleo-friendly dishes goes above and beyond a simple culinary knack. Food is her true expression of creativity.

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